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Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Modern hearing aids are digital devices with few moving parts. But they still require routine maintenance and repair to perform properly. Don’t worry, Audiology and Hearing Aid Services has you covered.


Hearing aids are delicate pieces of technology and even with proper care and maintenance, can succumb to issues or require repairs. That’s why every device we dispense is backed by a three-year warranty. You can rest assured knowing that you are completely covered for repairs, loss or damage during this time. 

Most repairs can be made in the office, while you wait. However, if your hearing aids must be returned to the factory for repair, we’ll take care of that for you as well. Your hearing aid is important to maintaining your lifestyle, so we’ll even provide a set of loaners to wear while yours are out for repair. That’s just one of the many differences that makes Audiology and Hearing Aid Services Savannah’s premier hearing healthcare team

Even if you didn’t buy your hearing aids from us, we may be able to help with repairs, maintenance or warranty work. Give us a call. 

Walk-in service

Have an emergency? Sometimes you just can’t wait for an appointment. We have walk-in hours available every day. For your convenience, just call the office before you come and we’ll be happy to see you.


Sometimes the repairs can be done at home. Call us and we can walk you through the steps.  The fix may be as easy as changing the batteries or changing the wax guards and domes.   If you think your hearing aids are not working properly, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • If the volume is not loud enough, go ahead and change the wax guard and could be as simple as that!  If you are using a volume control on your device, be sure you are on the proper setting. ( your audiologist will help you to know where that setting is in your device)
  • If the sound is distorted, change the batteries and make sure the battery door is firmly closed ( or the devices fully charged)  as well as checking the wax guard and the dome for debris. 
  • Whistling and feedback can be caused by earwax build up. Have your ears checked for wax build up regularly and clean your hearing aids thoroughly

Routine maintenance

You should clean your hearing aids every day and store them in a drying box when not in use or on the charger if you are using one.. During your hearing aid fitting, our board-certified Doctors of Audiology will show you how to perform routine maintenance. We encourage you to bring in your hearing aids in every six months for deep cleaning.