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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Your hearing aid fitting is an important appointment. During the fitting, the audiologist will ensure that your hearing aids are programmed to meet your specific hearing needs and are comfortable. We will verify using objective and subjective measures.  You’ll also learn how to use your hearing aids, how to care for them and clean them and how to recharge or change the batteries.  It may feel like a tidal wave of information coming at you. That’s why it’s a good idea to bring a family member or friend to the fitting. They can help remember the information given to you and participate in the programming of the devices to their voice!  

Your hearing aid fitting is only a starting point. As you become accustomed to hearing the sounds you’ve been missing, further adjustments will be made to the hearing aids to enhance your hearing!.  

Wearing hearing aids for the first time

The first time you insert your hearing aids you may be surprised how many small sounds you can hear again. This is completely normal. Your brain is receiving stimulation that was previously lacking. A positive attitude is crucial for success in wearing hearing aids. The audiologist will use several tools to gain evidence-based information to check your fit. Don’t be surprised if your own voice sounds different. This is normal, you still sound the same to others. “Normal” noises may sound “different.” Don’t worry, you, your ears and your brain will adjust to the hearing aids soon.  Click on this link for more information...

 Verification of the Fit... the only objective measure

An objective measure ( verification test)  examines how the ear canal is changing the sound of each pitch on a soft, moderate and loud input. This shows the audiologist exactly what is happening in the ear canal. At Audiology and Hearing Services, only an audiologist will ever verify your fit to ensure that you get the best prescription match available. We work until you get just the right amount of amplification for your hearing loss. 


The audiologist will also use a short questionnaire to get your subjective impression of how you are hearing in different situations. Answer the questions honestly. Your audiologist is your partner in better hearing and wants to work with you to create an optimum listening experience. Where the Verification testing is science, adjusting based on your feedback is an art. The audiologists at Audiology and Hearing Aid Services are masters at fitting. 

Wearing and caring for hearing aids  

After your hearing aids are adjusted, the audiologist and hearing aid technician will explain how to use and maintain your devices. You will learn how to:

  • Insert and remove your hearing aids
  • Perform regular, routine maintenance
  • Change or charge batteries

See our videos to help you!!!!

Our audiologists are experts in hearing aid technology; don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about your options!