Improving your hearing to improve your life

Evaluation for Hearing Aids

evaluation.jpghearing Aid evaluation and Consultation

Do you or a loved one suspect hearing loss? Unfortunately, most people wait an average of seven years before they seek the help of an audiologist. You don’t have to wait this long; however, thanks to the Doctors of Audiology at AHAS with three convenient locations, there’s no reason to put off a complimentary evaluation of your hearing to help find a solution to your hearing problem.

Our practice boasts licensed Doctors of Audiology, which makes them the best people to assess and diagnose your hearing ability. We will perform a complete hearing examination followed by a Complimentary Consultation and Demonstration of the latest in hearing technology. The audiologist will use a variety of tests to determine your ability to hear in quiet and noise. This audiologic diagnostic evaluation identifies the sounds you can hear, the ones you are missing and the nature of your hearing loss. The results are charted on an audiogram. 

  • Comprehensive audiologic testing, including how you hear in noise
  • Complimentary review and consultation of your hearing test results and problem areas with a Doctor of Audiology
    • Assessment of how hearing loss affects daily activities
    • Identification of the environments where you struggle to hear

Complimentary Consultation and Demonstration

The Doctor of Audiology will review with you the findings of your hearing test, your speech in noise results, your hearing lifestyle demands as well as your budgetary concerns to get a complete picture of the hearing challenges you face on a regular basis. 

The audiologists at Audiology and Hearing Aid Services take the time to understand your needs. Together, we will prioritize the areas in which you want to see improvement in your communication. You’ll get complete information on the various styles of devices and the levels of technology currently available. Your cosmetic concerns, physical limitations (i.e., eyesight or dexterity) and hearing needs will be addressed as well as your budgetary concerns.  We can assure you we offer hearing devices at all price points including used hearing aids if budget is an issue. Not everyone needs the most expensive hearing aids....

60-day Risk Free trial of any Hearing Device

Once we’ve narrowed down the style and technology level best for you, we’ll discuss the advantages or disadvantages of each option. 

Because it takes time to fine tune your devices and adapt to wearing them, you can take advantage of our 60-day, risk-free trial period. 
We even offer no-interest payment plans to ensure you can get the best device for your needs – without hurting your budget.

Programming hearing devices is a very customized process if done properly.  Sound is brought into the hearing system slowly over the 60 day trial period so your brain has a chance to adapt to the new sounds as well as time for you to get into areas of concern to see the improvement.  No two hearing losses are alike just like no two people are alike. Its a combination of the experience of your audiologist programming the devices as well as the technology in the devices.  A Doctor of Audiology is the only recognized hearing provider by Medicare.

Call for a complimentary Consultation and Demonstration of the newest in hearing technology and find out what you have been missing!      


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