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Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

oticon-iphone.jpgDevelopers of hearing aids are always looking for new and improved ways of making hearing aids better and more useful in people's lives. Bluetooth technology is being used to make it easier for hearing aid users to connect their hearing aids to various devices for improved sound quality directly from the sound source.

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be wirelessly connected via wireless streaming accessories to devices such as televisions, cell phones, FM systems, GPS systems, and PDA. Bluetooth technology works similarly to wireless Internet, where sounds are sent through an invisible electronic signal.

The Bluetooth accessory is compatible in most styles of hearing aids, including behind-the-ear (BTE), mini BTE, in-the-ear, and in-the-canal styles, though each manufacturer provides a different array of products and accessories that are Bluetooth-enabled.

Most hearing aids these days are direct-to-iPhone compatible and do not require any additional accessories and are very easy to set up in office.

What are the Benefits of Bluetooth-Compatible Hearing Aids?

widex-iphone.jpgAs with any hearing aid, Bluetooth-compatible devices can have great advantages. All new technology hearing devices have the ability to connect through a Bluetooth connection should so choose to use that feature. One benefit is that using Bluetooth technology allows you to obtain a better sound quality when using your hearing aids with your favorite electronic devices simply because it has the sound go through your individualized hearing prescription. Think of them as a wireless pair of headphones: they are convenient and cordless for high-quality sound.

Many years ago, the telecoil was a new, exciting technology for hearing aid users to be able to use landline phones. Similarly, Bluetooth is now becoming the exciting new technology for making connectivity to the everyday world a more widespread and reliable possibility for hearing aid users. Making phone calls, using a tablet or computer and even watching TV at home can be an enjoyable experience for even those of you who "don't like" technology!  Ask your audiologist to give you a demonstration on Bluetooth features that may be helpful for you..