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Do I need a Hearing Aid Warranty?

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When you purchase hearing aids, it's important to ensure that your local audiologist has provided you with all the information and support you need for your new devices. One of those items is the warranty on your hearing aids – which you may not know if needed or not! We can help clear up any confusion as we explore what warranties are available to hearing aid users, how they work, and why they're important.

The first thing we'll talk about is what a warranty covers. A warranty will cover repairs for any defects in the materials or quality of the device over a period – usually one year from the purchase date. It's also worth noting that this coverage does not include damage caused by accidents, neglect or misuse.

The next thing to consider is whether you need a warranty at all! Suppose your audiologist recommends custom-fit devices for greater effectiveness and more comfort. In that case, they are probably the best style for you – which means that a warranty may not be necessary. The only time when it's worth considering is if an audiologist has advised you to switch brands as part of treatment.

What Happens When the Warranty Expires?

After the warranty expires, you'll need to pay for all repairs. By then, your hearing aids will be outdated and may not have many of the features that are available today – so it's worth considering adding a warranty on top of your initial purchase. Not only does this provide more years of coverage than just one year, but they often include extra benefits like batteries or servicing included in your monthly payment plan. We recommend doing some research about what might work best for you before deciding whether or not an extended warranty is right for you!

What Should I Do If Something Goes Wrong with My Device?

If there is anything wrong with your devices during the term of coverage, you can call the manufacturer or your audiologist. You'll need to explain what's going on, and they will, in turn, provide a solution for getting it fixed under warranty, which may include sending in your device so that it can be repaired at no extra cost.

Why Do I Have to Pay If Something Goes Wrong?

The thing with warranties is this: when you buy a product, there are two types of costs involved – one-time purchase price plus ongoing maintenance fees. So, if anything happens during this time period where you require repairs, these costs should already be covered by your monthly payments for servicing! 

Who Should I Contact If Something Goes Wrong with My Device?

We recommend contacting your audiologist first to discuss the problem you are experiencing. They will then provide instructions on how to proceed next depending on whether it's still covered by warranty or not, which may include sending in your devices for repair without any additional charges! If this is not an option, we suggest reaching out directly to the manufacturer of your hearing aids. You can find their customer support number listed on their website – many times; they'll be able to assist you over the phone and walk through all available options.

How Long Is a Warranty Period?

Most warranties are valid for one year after the date of purchase. However, if you have an extended warranty, these typically cover up to five years from your original purchase date!

What Is the Lifespan of a Hearing Aid?

The lifespan of a hearing aid depends on many variables, but generally speaking, your devices should last about five years. However, if you are experiencing any problems with your device or feel that it's not working as effectively for you, contact your audiologist to determine whether they can still be serviced.

What Is the Cost of a Warranty?

The cost of an extended warranty will depend on several factors, like what type of coverage you choose and how many devices are included in the plan. Some plans may even include extra benefits, such as batteries!

If you need any more information regarding your hearing aid or its warranty, feel free to contact Audiology & Hearing Services at 912-351-3038 and we’ll be happy to assist!