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4 Steps to a Successful Hearing Aid Evaluation

a hearing specialist fitting his patient with modern hearing aids

Recognizing that your hearing needs testing is the first step in getting your hearing aids fitted. Speaking to an audiologist and booking an appointment with the right professional is the first step to a successful hearing aid evaluation. An audiologist is going to be able to test your hearing, assess your needs for hearing aids and follow up with you to ensure that it was the right step for you.

Below, we’ve outlined four steps to the successful hearing aid evaluation that will ensure that you are getting the best possible support with your hearing needs. You should not have to feel like your hearing is declining with no help to support it. Instead, you should feel like you have things under control, and you are in charge of your health. Let’s take a look:

Your testing appointment

When you first see an audiologist, you will talk them through your whole health history. This will include a conversation about any hearing issues you may have had before and any hearing problems that you have right now. Hearing test appointments shouldn't be too tricky, and you shouldn't feel worried. You won’t have any invasive testing completed, but you will have an instrument called an audiometer used to test your level of hearing. You’ll sit in a sound-proof booth and – with headphones on – be tested with beeps at a variety of frequencies.

Both ears are tested and compared to see whether you can register sounds at a healthy level or not. If your audiologist notices that there is a hearing loss in either one of your ears, they will explain the results to you and ensure that you understand the next steps – especially when it comes to which hearing aids you should use.

Your fitting appointment

The next stage of your hearing aid evaluation is in your hearing aid appointment. This should be no more than two weeks after your initial hearing test. Your audiologist will sit down with you and adjust hearing aids and fit them with you to see what suits you and what feels comfortable. It’s so vital that you understand that this is done with real ear measurement, with the hearing aids set into your ears and moved and changed until you feel comfortable with the results. A new hearing aid can be a challenge to get used to, but your audiologist will teach you everything that you need to know about yours. They’ll talk you through changing the batteries, and they’ll talk you through how to take them in and out. You will also discuss maintenance and how to look after them. Bring a family member with you if you find this stage a little too overwhelming.

The follow-up

Once you have had your hearing aids fitted by your audiologist, you will need to make another appointment a couple of weeks later to see how you are getting on. Your ears need time to adjust and this is more than how they feel in your ears: it’s about your auditory system. The follow-up appointment gives you a chance to talk through any issues you may be having and ensure that your hearing aids match your requirements. Your audiologist will work closely with you to ensure that your personal outcomes and needs are achieved. You should also want to ensure that your hearing is maximized as much as possible and you feel like you can hear confidently once more.

The next steps

Beyond your fitting appointment and the follow-up, you need to consider that your auditory system takes time to accommodate to the changes. With regular use of your new hearing aids, you should be able to improve your hearing ability. Those first few months are so crucial for your hearing, and your audiologist will work with you to manage and support you through the process. Your audiologist should review your hearing aids with you as needed, especially every year. Hearing changes as does your eyesight and you need to ensure that any adjustments that are required are caught up on with your team.

Getting the right help

It’s a process to evaluate your hearing. You need to be able to get the best possible advice and learn how to care for your new hearing aids, too. A successful hearing aid evaluation should leave you feeling confident, comfortable and you can learn more about Audiology and Hearing Aid Services and how we can help. Call us today at 912-351-3038 and let's get you set up!