Improving your hearing to improve your life

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Communication Needs Assessment

Everyone has different communication needs that can be as simple as not hearing well on the telephone or television to difficulty hearing a one on one conversation.  Not everyone needs hearing devices. There are many assistive devices that can be used either alone or with hearing devices to help these specific situations. 

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Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluations

Scheduled and performed by a licensed and experienced Doctor of Audiology.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

During a hearing aid evaluation or Communication Needs Assessment, your Doctor of Audiology will discuss your communication problems, the environments that you are struggling in to hear , your test results, different hearing device styles, colors, technologies and benefits. Your  audiologist will guide  you through this process to find the right hearing solution for you.


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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

At the hearing aid fitting, you will receive the hearing aids you selected for a 60 day trial as well as instruction on the use and care of the devices.  They are programmed based on a prescription that is specific to each person’s hearing loss and sensitivities. The audiologist will see you on a regular basis during the trial to fine tune the devices based on your subjective impressions and objective tests to be sure you are getting the best hearing for you.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Many minor hearing aid repairs can be done in the office in a short period of time; others will need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Your hearing professional can help determine what kind of a repair is necessary if you feel your hearing aid is not working properly.

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