Choosing a Hearing Aid


Not all hearing aids are created equally! There are many factors to consider when choosing the right hearing aid for your hearing loss and lifestyle.


Factors to consider when choosing a hearing aid:

  • Severity of the hearing loss: The amount (mild to severe) and configuration (high pitched or low pitched) of the hearing loss
  • Dexterity: Ability to handle small objects
  • Lifestyle: The environments you are in will dictate the level of hearing aid technology you will need to meet the demands in those situations. For example the noisier the environment, the more technology is needed in the hearing aid to control the background noise.

There are 3 levels of technology

  • Basic Level: Limited noise reduction for people that have a quiet lifestyle
  • Mid Level: Moderate noise reduction for people that are occasionally in noisy environments.
  • Premium Level: Advanced noise reduction for people that are frequently in noisy environments. Also appropriate for people with high expectations to function well in many different situations.


** See Lifestyle questionnaire for guidance on what level is best for you.


Budget: The higher the level of technology the more expensive the hearing aids; however, there is a hearing aid to match every patient’s budget. Hearing aids can range from $750.00 to $3600.00 each.

Cosmetics: Hearing aids range in size from invisible in the ear to micro behind the ear devices. Hearing aids come in a variety of colors and shapes.

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