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Welcome to Audiology and Hearing Aid Services 

"Savannah’s Premier Hearing Healthcare Team"

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services was founded in 1984 in conjunction with Ear, Nose and Throat Associates of Savannah. With customer care as a top priority, the team of experienced Doctors of Audiology work to meet the unique hearing healthcare needs of every patient.


Audiology and Hearing Aid Services provides a full range of audiological services, including complete hearing evaluations, tinnitus evaluations, hearing aid consultations, hearing aid customization, aural rehabilitation, BAHA fittings and followup, the most up to date sophisticated hearing aid technology, and the latest advances in the hearing healthcare industry. Our team of Doctors of Audiology attend trainings around the world to provide the latest in hearing healthcare to better serve our patients.

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Drug Induced Hearing Loss / 01.22.2015

Recent clinical trials performed at the University of Florida have found that a vitamin supplement could help provide protection against a drug-induced hearing loss caused by Gentamicin.


This ...

Hearing Fun Facts / 01.06.2015

Just a fun fact from Doctor of Audiology Beth Benites: Sometimes if you have damage to your ears, your perception of taste may be off because the nerves (called the Chorda Tympani) run through the ...

Stress Can Create an Increase in Tinnitus / 12.21.2014

During the holiday season, it’s easy to get stressed about planning holiday events with family and friends. Did you know increased stress can also increase your perception of that ringing in your ...